Life with Livestock

Another great thing about Nebraska farming; the livestock! My grandparents/parents have had cattle my entire lifetime. I remember hauling buckets of corn to the feed bunks at as young as eight years old, my dad would have one in each hand and i’d be struggling with a half filled 5 gallon-er.

My siblings and I  showed beef cattle and goats in the county and state fairs and a few local progress shows. It was always a lot of work during the summer but such a great learning experience. Anyone who has showed livestock knows the deep and sometimes frustrating bond you develop with your animals and the agony of when you have to sell them. 

(Above) 2008 County Fair with my steer “Spot”

Jerry also has a cattle herd of about 80 head. We sorted, loaded and hauled 26  black Angus and Hereford calves to the sale barn last week. They were born Aug/Sept 14 and weighed about 600 lb on average. 

Jer showed livestock growing up and even got into horses and pigs. He had his own cattle herd of around 30 head before he even graduated high school. He was doing chores before and after school and making more income his senior year of high school than some of his teachers. (I’m so proud of my hard-working farmer man) Then when it came time to leave for college he sold all of them, and after college graduation started his herd back up again.

Jerry, his younger brother Matt, and I getting cattle ready for the sale barn.


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