Rain Keeps Coming Down

Where did the sunshine go?!? Sure doesn’t feel like spring in Nebraska yet, it has rained nearly every day in the month of May so far. All the rain is causing a delay for planting season, with the ground still soft farmers can’t get in the fields to spray or plant for a few days after the rain or risk tearing up the soil. 

Jerry’s RoGator  1274C with 1,200 gallon tank

I joined Jerry as his co-pilot in the sprayer on the evening of May 1st, he was finishing up some pre-corn custom spraying for a neighbor. You could tell the sky wanted to drop some water that evening but it held out and only let down a few sprinkles. Lucky for Jer because a big rain was coming the next few days and he really wanted to get a few fields finished up. 

After finishing spraying that field we jumped right in the tractor and started planting his last 40 acres left of corn. It was a race against mother nature to finish that evening…rain started coming down as Jer was pulling the tractor into the shed for the night around 11:50 pm. A huge sigh of relief overcame Jerry that evening and I think he took about the next two weeks off due to all the rain. 

As of May 1 around 20% of Nebraska’s corn crop was planted. Read more at nebraskacorn.org

Happy Planting! –xoxo 

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