Working Calves

Last night we had a little rodeo on Wallen Farms, Jerry had to work some calves born this Jan-April. He administered vaccinations and Pour-On, ear tagged them, and castrated the males. Below Jerry is castrating a male bull calf, castration is a necessary practice for breeding selection. To achieve a desirable calf crop within the herd most bulls are castrated. This prevents bulls from breeding with their sisters and allows a uniform breeding schedule to be kept. Those animals with superior genetic and physical characteristics are not castrated and used as breeding bulls. 

The ear tags allow Jerry to keep track of the different animals by numbered tags & colors. Some parts of the county require permanent identification such as a brand (usually made with hot iron). Other parts of the county only require non-permanent identification such as ear tags to identify cattle owners. The vaccination he administered is called a seven way shot to keep the cattle from getting sick and the Pour-On is a liquid that gets poured down their spines to prevent parasites such as flies and ticks and is also a dewormer. 

After working the calves through most ranches will have a “bull fry”. Frying up the bull testicles in hot oil is very common among ranchers. I cleaned up the nuts and removed the excess membrane, the next step is to slice the nuts in quarter inch sections, add breading/seasoning, and drop into hot oil to be fried. We got back to Jerry’s house and he was out of oil…coincidence? I think not….Jerry doesn’t even like rocky mountain oysters…. 


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