Waiting Game

This spring has been a long waiting game…waiting for the rain to stop, waiting for the land to be dry enough to finish planting. Throughout the entire month of May southeast Nebraska had about 4 days total where it was dry enough to get in the field without tearing it up. Farmers are having a heck of a time getting the crops in at a decent time and many fields have had to be replanted because of washouts. On May 31st 94% of corn had been planted. 

Jerry and his younger brother Matt discussing the plan for the week of work ahead. Since he has be unable to get in the field much Jerry has been working on rebuilding some fences around the farms. 

I have to share this picture below because it is so adorable. :) One of my best friends has a 10 week old baby boy named Tucker. His father is a farmer also and took him for his first ride in the tractor during planting this spring! #thenextgeneration

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