Spray Day

Finally a few sunny days! My farmer says this past weekend was the first time since the beginning of April that he has had to work more than two days in a row. Planting season is winding down finally even though many fields are not even planted yet. Jerry has made the decision not to plant a few of his fields to beans since the yields from the crop will not be much anyways. Last time they had this wet of a spring and planted crops this late the beans yielded only 15 bushels per acre and on good years would normally be 50-65 per acre. Instead he will file prevent plant to his crop insurance since it is past the final plant date of June 10th in Nebraska.

Jerry has been busy spraying sunup to sundown the past few days, he did 385 acres of custom spraying just yesterday which were all post-corn acres for neighbors. Unfortunately his fan (air-conditioning) went out in his sprayer yesterday which made for a very hot day. Today the wind is going to blow and will not make for adequate spraying conditions. The next item of business will be gearing up for haying season.

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