Harvest 2015

I absolutely love this time of year…harvest is in full swing. Long 18 hour days wear the farmers down but the excitement of a plentiful harvest and the race against the clock keep them going.

 Jerry started on the corn that finally got dry enough to haul into the elevator and has picked about 300 acres of corn as of Oct 17th then he started in on beans. After getting everything switched over and equipment moved the beans weren’t cooperating very well. The stalks were still a little green and weren’t running through very well but after a few more days have been doing much better. Jer thinks all the beans should take him a week to finish. He has been having all sorts of different hired men trucking for him lately to me it seems like a new guy every couple days :-) I know he needs all the help he can get. Happy harvest to all the farmers out there and please watch out for them on the roads!