Winter blues banished by a 75 degree day

We’ve almost made it through the winter here in Nebraska, and the groundhog saw his shadow so it should be an early spring (not to mention we live in the Groundhog capital of Nebraska). Jerry is so ready for spring, he can barely contain his excitement, aka he just wants to go back to working 80 hour weeks.

The ground being unfroze now means he can finished dozing on some fields he started last fall and finish getting the fertilizer put on for the coming year. The ground may have been a little two wet in an area he was dozing Saturday because I got a phone call saying he needed my help pulling him out of the mud….

Thankfully we got him all pulled out and he moved on to the next project for the day, picking up electric fence. I followed along with the four wheeler and trailer and he gathered up all the posts. Later he will go back with a tractor pto fence roller and that will be another item finished up for the winter. Jerry fed the cows a couple bales of hay and we called it a day last weekend. He also had about 3 or 4 new baby calves in the past week and they are all healthy and adorably cute. :)

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