Field Work

On a beautiful Saturday in March it was nice enough to do some field work. The bulldozer work is hired out and a drainage system is being put in. During especially wet spring seasons this field is so flat it would typically flood so a better draining system is being put in place to keep the field from having standing water. Standing water and saturated fields can slow root growth, photosynthesis, and leaf area expansion because of the lack of oxygen to the plant and cooler soil temperatures that come along with wet soil. Crops that have just sprouted can only stand 2-4 days of complete submission before the photosynthesis stops and the plant dies, this is why tile lines and drainage systems are very important to the farmers survival.

While the dozer work was happening my farmer was cultivating on that same field getting it ready for planting. in previous years half of this field would be planted to soybeans and half to corn but in an effort to spend less time during harvest the field will all get planted to corn this year. Having the field all in one crop will mean less time will be spent moving fields during harvest and should allow them to get done quicker.

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