Stretching out Spring

After last year in Nebraska most of the farmers around here are terrified of the word rain. Jerry has been ranting about how last spring he never got any work done because it rained and rained and rained some more. This spring has been pretty wet and Jerry is a little worried because planting seems to be taking a long time to complete.


He finished up all the corn and has the pre-corn all sprayed now to get to work on the beans. Beans usually go a little faster because he can have two machines going at once. His dad or brother Matt will usually run the bean drill behind the Allis 8050 and Jerry will run the planter behind his Allis 9695. He even got his mom and myself helping by going out to his storage shed and loading up some bags of beans then taking them to the field for him to load. Farming is a family affair. 


This spring has also been a joyous one as Jerry’s brother welcomed a new baby into the family! Oliver Dale Wallen was born May 11th to Matthew and Malanie.


2 thoughts on “Stretching out Spring

  1. John Golden says:

    Looks like Shelby will make a great “farm wife”. Jerry looks very comfortable holding the baby. Looks like he will make a great father.


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