Knee High Before July

May was a busy month for my farmer, every day it rained he became ridiculously stressed out. A direct quote “last May it started raining and never stopped” whenever i told him everything would be okay and he would finish planting in good time this year. 50 years from now i’ll still be hearing about the wet spring of 2015….Jerry never forgets a bad year of harvest or planting or a terrible year of winter storms. He finished planting in good time this year thanks to the help of his Dad Wayne and brother Matt running the drill. corn 4

The corn is coming up great and is already over 5 feet tall in some places. They got the sweet corn planted to, it was the first to go in the ground. We can’t wait till July to add some of that sweet Nebraska goodness to our cookouts!

We even made it up to Ceresco to help my dad with some work. I helped him load the bean drill one Sunday and Jerry sprayed all his post corn and beans. Jerry has really loved the Liberty beans lately because the use require less chemical then other types of soybeans. corn 3