Married that Farmer in his field

Sorry for the lack of postings lately but we had a good excuse….we got MARRIED!

Jerry was working on putting up the prairie hay mid July so we would have the site for our ceremony mowed well before the wedding got too close. He got all the bales rolled up and moved them home except for a few purposely left for the ceremony. The days leading up to the wedding he was working with the cattle and checking fences so they wouldn’t cause any trouble during our big weekend.


We had a beautiful wedding day for our outdoor ceremony and everything went exactly according to our plans. It truly was the perfect day!

Now that this wedding business is wrapped up and we are settling into married life Jerry is finding himself on a new schedule. Which includes coming home to me for dinner and actually sitting down to eat breakfast before he begins his busy days on the farm. He is slowly getting ready for harvest which can you believe it is only a month away. The grain cart is out and getting worked on and the combine is next in line.

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