Anticipating Harvest

It’s that time of year, my farmer’s are getting ready for harvest! This has always been Jerry’s favorite time of year, he is always anxious to get rolling and then anxious to get done and when he is finally done always wishes he had more ground and could still be harvesting. He tested some corn earlier this week and it was still at 18%. This weekend’s (Sept 24-25) rain didn’t help dry anything out but he thinks they will be going by this next weekend.

The grain truck needed a few things done to it before it was ready to go so he took it up to Inland Truck in Lincoln for a small overhaul. His brother welded a few things on the combine and Wallen Farms declared themselves ready to harvest! Lets do this.

We went up to Ceresco this weekend and helped my dad work on his combine too. I love seeing my father and husband out in the shop together, that are so similar its frightening. I’ve been searching pinterest for ideas for meals to take to the fields this fall. Jerry isn’t a picky eater so it shouldn’t be too hard. My favorite from last year was a meatball sub, it was pretty easy to keep warm and the harvest crew really loved it.