Happy Harvest!

Its finally here! So much anticipation has been building, every week at church Jerry was getting asked when he would be starting and its finally dry enough that he can! He has officially had 2 full days of picking corn, he has 100 acres harvested.img_4855Then it rained 10/6/16 and is drying back out today he will be back at it Saturday all day working on the field next to the home place. He says the machinery has been working great so far this year and he has been able to pick an extra 900 bushels every night after the coop closes. Jerry is borrowing my father’s semi truck and trailer to haul grain this harvest and that has allowed him to get a lot more harvested and hauled.

I’ve been testing out new field meals for Jerry this year and tried an arm roast, mashed potato, baked bean dump and it’s his favorite thing I’ve made yet! Recipe HERE Its not just the farmers…it’s also the crew behind the scenes feeding them, and washing work clothes that keep them going.

img_4868           img_4867

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