Harvest week two

This is probably technically week three, but we had almost a week there where nothing got done because of the rain. We’re back on track this week harvesting away, he has moved fields about 4 times. Once a chain on the cornhead broke and he couldn’t get parts for two days so decided to switch to beans, got all the way to the field and then the beans weren’t ready.


That’s the life of a farmer always adjusting and making work whatever they get thrown at them. Jerry moved back to corn and has been having some very long nights the past few days. One night he harvested until 2:30am, I was running the grain cart until about 12:30 and his part time hired hand was trucking the corn to a rented bin for storage. He says we have about 4 fields completely done and 15 or so to go, harvest is a process and its not always a short one. Lucky we have something to look forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Jerry’s birthday & our honeymoon!




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