Harvest Week 3

This week of harvest has gone exponentially better, seems like most of the kinks got worked out. We had a couple of great days of soybean harvest getting 60-70 acres picked each day. Soybeans don’t allow you to run a full day like corn and other crops, in the early morning and late at night they can get “tough” and hard to pick. Meaning the soybeans and stalks won’t run through the combine like they are suppose to. What usually helps is to have the wind blowing and the sun shining to make them dryer and flow through the machine. Beans can be especially finicky as it gets colder and later in the season especially with shorter days.


He was harvesting at the field where we held our wedding this summer and we still haven’t gotten around to taking the flowers down off the crosses. Might end up leaving them until Easter Sunday sunrise service.

Some of the beans have been going into the Palmyra coop since those fields are on shares otherwise most everything is getting hauled to the bins at Wallen Farms for storage until they are at a good price to sell.


One thought on “Harvest Week 3

  1. rae and bob briggle says:

    Shelby, Thanks for the great pics and update! It’s good to know what’s going on! Let us know when you figure out the right price for beans and corn! Rae and Bob

    PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate. I signed in to Gravatar and lost our original message.


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