Harvest 100% Complete

We’re done! We’re done! HOORAY HOORAY!!!

Jerry finished up the last load of corn the evening Nov 19th and came straight home without even taking the combine back to the farm. He says every year gets a little bit more efficient and even though harvest doesn’t seem to take any less time he is combining more acres than ever before. The last few days especially he had multiple breakdowns and the machinery was just getting plum wore out. The combine only gets used for 1 1/2 months out of the entire year but is expected to go almost around the clock without breaking during harvest and that just doesn’t happen.


(Whoops on Jerry’s bad spelling he was a little exhausted)

Next on the list for the farmers is to get all the machinery moved home, power washed, and maintenanced and put in the shed until next fall. We have cows to get on cornstalks and things to do around the farm that got put off because of harvest before the first snow hits. There is always work to be done.


Harvest Week 4

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Jerry has been trucking along, he always tells me it will take 5 weeks to finish harvest, you have your really productive days and days where your’re broke down and don’t harvest a single acre. We’ve had plenty of both this year. The weather has been holding out pretty well but the coop was completely full of soybeans so he wasn’t allowed to haul any in and switched back to corn.

img_5019                   img_5032

This past weekend (Nov. 12-13) he was able to get the last of the soybeans finished up when the coop started accepting beans again. The coop already has two large corn piles on the ground because the bins are full. Jerry has about 180 acres left of corn to get done split between three fields. Two of the fields are pretty far from home so we got all the equipment moved over this weekend so he could get started Monday morning. Since it is so far away he is hauling the corn to the ethanol plant in Adams which will also give a higher price for the commodity. At the ethanol plant they  take the corn and process it by fermentation and distilling and turn it into other products and byproducts.

This weekend we also got the electric fencing put up around some cornstalks at the home place and got some Angus heifers out on stalks. I drove the tractor and laid out the wire, Jerry secured it to the T-posts, then we went around the field again I drove the truck/trailer and he looped the wire on the electric fence posts and stretched the wire tight. It only took us a few hours Sunday and he was very thankful for my help.

Harvest CAM

I tried something new with my camera the other day, I filmed an hour or so of our harvest on a field just north of Unadilla from last Saturday. Mind you I was also driving grain cart during part this so it got a little shaky. Jerry watched it later and asked me “do you actually do any work or just film me working?”. I’d like to think a little of both.

-The Wallens