Western NE Cattle Branding

The Wallen crew ventured west last weekend to help a friend out and have a little fun on someone else’s farm for a change. We journeyed out to Benkelman, Nebraska (corner of Kansas, Colorado & Nebraska boarders) on Friday evening to the Stroup Ranch just north of town. Jerry’s college roommate was planning on working & branding about 90 calves the next morning. They had gotten about 2.5 inches of rain the night before but the ground out west just soaked it right up. It was sunny and the perfect weather for branding the next morning. We started sorting the calves & mamas around 9am. The gals & a hired hand pushed the calves up through the chute and Jer, his brother Matt, & the rancher gave shots, branded, & castrated.

There were also 4 different brands used for the calves that belonged to different owners (sister,¬†grandpa, and a father) all running the cows together. They are distinguished by the different ear tag colors.¬†After working the 80 or so in the first batch we released them to be with their mamas. We moved on down to a different farm place to work a few remaining calves. This time only ten calves and we didn’t use a chute, just the old catch & throw method.

Check out the video I made to document the day. (all shot with iphone)