Plant 2017 First Day!

We got started planting April 18th and have 135 acres done so far. It has been raining every few days lately so as soon as it gets dry enough to plant or spray we’ll inevitably get just enough rain to put a stop to our operation. Jerry has been focusing mostly on spraying the pre-corn and beans so far as it’s still a little early to be planting. He has had numerous good days for spraying and has gotten almost 75% done with pre-application.


This year he gave up custom work which has been a huge time saver. He used to go over 8,000 acres with his custom spraying business, Paisley Ag LLC. He had been operating that business since 2012 and even had a full time hired sprayer man for one year. After taking on more of his Dad’s land he decided he didn’t need to spray/didn’t want to and went back to just doing his own spraying. I’m grateful he is able to do that because it is much less stressful on him and he has more time at home and to just focus on farming his own ground.





We’re keeping a calendar of what he has done each day and on which fields as well as the wind speed and temp. Jerry also has a brand new marker board hung in the shop with his to do lists. (He is so proud of that board, it is hilarious) Just a few of the steps we are taking to be more organized and be more efficient in 2017.IMG_5980

One thought on “Plant 2017 First Day!

  1. bobbriggle says:

    That is a cool white board—wish I had one! Also, I can actually read his handwriting! Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming! Good luck with planting and the new calves.

    Bob & Rae

    Robert D. Briggle & Mary R. Briggle

    5620 Jarman Street

    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    Rae cell: 719-209-1328

    Bob cell: 719-209-1329


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