Greener Pastures

This time of year is always a busy one, trying to get the crops planted, sprayed and still dealing with cows. With the return and regrowth of the pasture grasses the cows are ready to be turned out to for the remainder of the summer months. We sorted and moved two loads of female cows out to his rented pasture near Panama on May 21st.

They’ll be on the summer pasture for five months until they go to cornstalks. This group are all fall-calving cows and will have their babies in September. 



Jerry is applying pour-on to the cows to keep the flies and parasites to a minimum 

In other news–WE BOUGHT A BRAND! Jerry was searching craigslist and found a brand with his initials for sale. What a coincidence, we had to buy it. Once we got the brand paperwork filed I ordered the branding iron. The next time we work calves at our place we will be putting it to use.


Corn done…on to Soybeans

Photo May 07, 1 02 01 PM

We’ve been hard at work for the past two weeks working to get everything planted in between spurts of rain. Jer will plant like a mad man for 2-4 days and then get rained out and have to wait for the sun & wind to dry the soil enough to get back to it. This is nothing compared to the wet spring of 2015 that still gives him nightmares. We ended up finishing the last of the corn up on May 8th and moved to soybeans that same day.

Beans have been going much faster because we’ve had two machines running almost everyday. Jerry will run the main planter and a hired hand or his dad will use the drill to plant the beans at the same time. (He says i’m going to learn how before next season, we will see about that). Only 400 acres of beans remain to be planted as of today, we should finish in good time and then will be able to sit back and watch it grow the rest of the summer.


Photo May 07, 1 08 30 PM