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Name: Jerry & Shelby Wallen
Residence: Southeast, Nebraska

1,600 acres no till
Corn & Soybean
80ish head angus cow/calf (& a few straggling herfords thrown in)

This blog is dedicated to my farming husband Jerry and I navigating life together in the midwest.

I started this blog to document all the pictures I take of my husband on the farm. He would get annoyed of me always having my camera out when he working so now I get to use the excuse “but babe it’s for the blog” and he is totally okay with it. He also has a large extended family in Minnesota that are all farmers and it is a good way for family to keep up with what is going on down on his farm. My farmer also loves to look at pictures of old machinery that his grandpa used to work with and this blog will serve as a time capsule to look back on the transformation of equipment. 

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Instagram: @ShelbylynnNE
Twitter: @Shelbydoo8
Snapchat: @Shelbylynnne

Email: Shelbydoo8@yahoo.com

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